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Mother's Day Gift idea

Flowers for Mom.  I bought a vase of artificial flowers and took pics of the Littles holding them.  
You could let the kids make a frame for the pictures out of popsicle sticks or make a cardstock frame and let the kids decorate it with their thumbprints.
I used the pictures to put on the front of our Mother's Day books that we make each year.  

 If you need a quick and easy Mother's Day idea these gift books have always been one of my favorite things to do with my Littles.   So STINKIN'  Cute!  Seriously! I loved their pictures and writing and their mommies  loved them too!  This is such a simple gift to make but it is a keepsake that the mommies will want to keep forever.  

Here are a few examples of the pages:

When my mom is driving she yells at people.

I love the speech bubble!  GO PEOPLE!

When my mom is driving she smokes a cigarette.

(wow!  that is one big cigarette!)

When my mom is driving she talks on the telephone.

When my mom is driving she listens to the radio.

To relax my mom likes to lay on the trampoline.

To relax my mom likes to lay out in the sun and tan.

(love the bikini!)  Note to self:  Start working out.  Seriously!
Put down the Sonic coke and work out!!!

To relax my mom likes to take a bubble bath.

To relax my mom likes to lay down in the bed.

Lucy's drawing of her mom for the cover.  LOVE it!

The packet also includes a Grandma version for the little ones who live with a grandparent instead.
These quick and easy gifts are only $3  

Click on the pictures below to view the packets.

There is also a Dad/Grandpa version if you want to get a head start on your Father's Day gifts.  


  1. I've been teaching for 34 years and the flowers for mom photo has always been one of my favorites, for both me and the moms! Super easy, inexpensive and yet priceless.

  2. I must admit... I have more of a "black thumb" than a "green thumb"
    With that being said, I absolutely love the idea of taking a photo!
    Each year we have planted flowers for our moms and sadly they do not always grow:(
    I must over water or something! haha!
    Thanks for sharing your idea- I now have a back up for those seeds that just do not want to sprout!

  3. These books would make wonderful keepsakes for families. I love seeing all the different things kids write!

    The Math Maniac

  4. I love your books! Any chance of adding Aunty into the package? Thanks!

  5. I love the books! I never tire of reading what my students write or of their illustrations. This really is a wonderful activity.

  6. Love the book idea! I was thinking of sending the pics I took of my kids at the beginning of the year holding a K, but I really like the flowers idea too! Thanks for sharing :)

  7. It is a lovely idea to select amazing gift

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  8. I have used these for the past 5 years in my room. I LOVE it! The things the kids come up with are amazing. The best part was last year one of my littles tried to put "Uptown Funk" as a favorite song, but it didn't quite come out like that. :) I had my husband do this with my son for me for Mother's Day. I wanted one since I first did this in my classroom and wanted one from my own kids. It was great. I will have to look at it for Father's Day!



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