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Get Ready! Book Talk Tuesday starts next week!

Starting next Tuesday and every Tuesday after that it's a new linky series.... We LOVE Books!
Each Tuesday I will introduce you to a book that I really love.  If you are a blogger I hope that you will consider linking up and sharing books with us as well.  The books can be children's books, PD books, or an adult read that you are enjoying.  No limits!  Just use the button above to link back to my blog and get ready to link up.  :)
I LOVE books!  Books of all kinds.  Children's books, Professional Development books,  books that make me fall in love with the characters and make me wish the story would never end.  I SERIOUSLY have a book obsession.  In fact, I think I'd rather buy books than shoes or clothes.  :)  

Classrooms should have at least one library where the students can access books and fall in love with reading.   If you don't have a classroom library I strongly encourage you to set one up.
In my teeny tiny classroom I had two different spots that were filled with children's books.
You can bulk up your classroom library by asking family and friends to donate all of their used books to you.  The ones that don't belong in your classroom can be traded in at a used bookstore.
Thrift stores and garage sales are another great place to purchase books.
The important thing is to start building your classroom library one book at a time!

I want my Littles to look forward to reading a book as much as they look forward to watching TV or playing a video game.  Instilling the love of books starts with us!

Top Ten Things I Want to Do This SUMMER


Hey Friends,
If you're like me you always start the summer off with intentions of relaxing and doing a few of the things that you just don't have time for during the school year and then WHAM!!!  before you know it it's time to go back to school and you realize that you've spent almost your entire summer thinking about and working on school stuff!  GAH! That happens to me EVERY. YEAR and every year I say the same thing,  "Next summer I'm going to relax and I'm not working on school stuff."  Yeah.Right!  
So I thought it would be fun to just think of Ten things I want to do this Summer, Make a list and DO those ten things.  Then, at least I will feel like I've enjoyed some of my summer.

Ten Things I Want to do THIS summer {in no particular order}

1.  I want to read a few books that have nothing to do with teaching.  I love reading PD books {I really do}
     but sometimes you just need to read books that make you laugh and cry!  I've heard a lot of great things
     about this book and I want to read it before I see the movie.  I am also going to read, Crash Course by Kim Bearden. We were given preview copies to read but the book will be released this summer. Several of my friends have already started reading it and they can't put it down!  Any other book suggestions for me?

2.   I want to spend some time just floating in the pool and thinking about absolutely nothing.  School thoughts always invade my thinking and I want those thoughts to stay AWAY!

3.  I want to spend time playing and loving on these three adorable cuties!

4.  Spend a day {or two} shopping with my sweet friend, Cheryl Saoud 
She is coming to visit and help me shop for Vegas.  SO.EXCITED!

5.  I need to clean out and organize my closet.  I can't even see the floor in there and I have clothes hanging that I haven't worn in years.  Time for some stuff to go.  I'll spare you a pic because it is a mess and I would die if I showed you! :)  
I'll show you a pic of my dream closet instead!
Isn't this closet dreamy???  If this were my closet I would probably just want to sit in there all day!

Custom Closets

6.  I want and {need} to spend some quality time with each one of my kids.
They are getting older and I don't spend as much one on one time with them as I should.

Taylor and Hunter


7.  I really, really want this sweet man to take me to Hawaii.  
I've never been and I've always wanted to go!

8.  I want to watch every single episode of Parenthood.
I've been watching it on Netflix for the last six months but I rarely have time  to watch it
so I'm only on season 2!

9.  Is it bad to admit that I used to love watching, Grey's Anatomy?
I haven't seen it in forever and I'd really like to watch the whole series from start to finish.
It sounds like I'm going to be doing  A LOT of vegging in front of the T.V.

10.  This one is for sure going to happen!!! VEGAS!!!  I love going to I TEACH K! and spending time with my friends.  So fun!  This year I plan to be totally prepared for my presentations before I get there so that I can enjoy every.single.minute!

after I Teach K!  Deedee and I are presenting at the first ever TPT conference.
So excited! {and a wee bit nervous!}

  Did I mention I want to relax???
I don't want to have one single day of feeling like this....

I can't wait to hear about your summer plans.  If you're a blogger please consider linking up with me.
Just grab the button at the top and have it link back to me.
If you don't have a blog please share your plans in the comment section!
I'd love to hear from you.  Your plans might inspire me to add to my list!

Teacher TShirt Giveaway!

I LOVE being a teacher and I love getting to wear teacher shirts and jeans every Friday.  :)
About ten years ago I started ordering shirts from A+ Images and I keep returning to buy from them because 1.  The quality of their tshirts are excellent (they don't fade or shrink like some of the other shirt companies I've ordered from)  2. Their customer service can't be beat!  3.  They are a family owned company and  I love knowing that I'm helping to support a family owned business rather than a huge corporation.  
4.  They have a ton of shirts to choose from and they also do custom orders.
I'm wearing one of my favorite tshirts... I Love Teaching for all the Little Reasons
and my daughter, Taylor is modeling the perfect shirt to wear if you are going to Vegas this year.

I met these sweet ladies last year in Vegas and they are rockin' their teachers shirts!

I contacted A+ Images and asked them to let me do a giveaway on my blog so that you could have one too!

Here's a close up picture of the shirts that Taylor and I have on.  

Okay, so what do you have to do to win a shirt of your choice?
It's Easy Peasy to enter.  
Just like their page on Facebook and get an extra entry by Following their Pinterest board using the links in the Rafflecopter.

Good Luck!!!

You can view their shirts by clicking on the image below.

Kindergarten Rocks

Teacher Appreciation FREEBIES! and a TPT SALE!

Are you ready to sleep in, relax and enjoy the day?
Don' worry!  Summer is almost here!  No one realizes how hard teachers work except spouses of teachers and OTHER teachers. TPT wants to show you how much they appreciate you by throwing their annual TPT sale and because I appreciate you too I'm putting my store on sale for 20% off.  
I also wanted to give you some freebies to help get you through the next few weeks.
You can click on the first image to download all six of them.

All of the pages above are from
Kindergarten May in a Snap!

I hope that your school administrators shower you with Appreciation this week!!!
Have a GREAT week!

ClassHubz A GREAT way to keep parents CONNECTED!!!

Create vibrant communities of engaged parents and teachers on ClassHubz

I always wanted to share the fun we have in the class with parents but never could because of lack of such a tool where I could share it with just the parents of my class. Then I got introduced to at So Cal Kindergarten conference. This is just what I needed, a window for parents to get the flavor of what goes in the classroom.

Here is why I like it:
1. It’s private – Parents of my class and I are connected privately through the hub for my class. Inside the hub we can share all kind of things including photos, events, documents and so on.

2. No more scattered information – Makes mine and the parent's lives much simpler by bringing all the scattered resources together on one single app, even sign-ups.

3. Preserve memories – All the memories from every class are preserved in a grade timeline, so no more looking for that link someone sent you for last year’s field trip photos.

4. No more paper sign-ups – I have not seen a better and simpler way to create volunteer or items sign-up sheets, check out yourself.

5. Creating a hub is really simple – Follow this easy 3-step process

·         Register at – 1 min
·         Create a hub for your class and invite members – 2 mins
·         Start communicating, sharing and collaborating – You are all set

     Did I mention that it is private and FREE???  

    This is going to make your life SO MUCH EASIER!!!!!  You can thank me later! ;)

Huge Giveaway to Help Change a LIFE!!!!

How many times have you seen someone in need and said,  I wish I could do something to help?  Now is your chance to put those words into action and it won't cost you anything other than about 30 seconds of your time.   

The Senior family is in desperate need of a wheelchair accessible vehicle. Mr. Senior was injured in 1995 at the age of 23. Each day, he deals with a T12 spinal cord injury that has caused numerous health issues. However, he definitely does not allow this injury to slow him down. He is still very involved in the lives of his two sons, is a supportive husband, and enjoys being a part of many different community activities. (You can read more of his story here). As I am sure you can imagine, the transportation from place to place can pose some great challenges. 

Any of you who know me, know that this is really close to my heart.
I've seen the life changing impact that transportation can make for someone who is confined to a wheelchair.  We want to help this family but we can't do it alone.  

That is where you come in!!!! 

Mr. Senior is currently in a contest where he can win exactly what he needs. All we need to do is vote him to the top. It is super easy and literally only takes a few seconds. The best part? We can vote every single day up until May 9th. 

We will be hosting a giveaway for the next 7 days where you can win over 15 units that will make these last few weeks of school a breeze! :) 

All you need to do to enter is…

Here's the details: 

You can actually enter 3 different ways: 

1) Vote for Mr. Senior {HERE}. Don't forget to answer the simple question before you cast your vote so your vote can count twice. 

2) Share the link to vote for Mr. Senior on your Facebook page and ask your friends to join the voting party! :) 

3) Share this giveaway on your Facebook page. You can share it from my page {HERE}

We will be hosting a giveaway for seven days on seven different blogs. Be sure and vote again tomorrow so you can enter at…


Here is the schedule for the rest of the week so you won't miss a day! 






Thanks to all of the amazing bloggers participating in this giveaway, and MANY thanks to all of you for helping change the lives of this family. 

Now…go get your vote on! :) 

And once again, thank you for helping this family. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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