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Teacher Appreciation FREEBIES! and a TPT SALE!

Are you ready to sleep in, relax and enjoy the day?
Don' worry!  Summer is almost here!  No one realizes how hard teachers work except spouses of teachers and OTHER teachers. TPT wants to show you how much they appreciate you by throwing their annual TPT sale and because I appreciate you too I'm putting my store on sale for 20% off.  
I also wanted to give you some freebies to help get you through the next few weeks.
You can click on the first image to download all six of them.

All of the pages above are from
Kindergarten May in a Snap!

I hope that your school administrators shower you with Appreciation this week!!!
Have a GREAT week!


  1. Your blog is adorable!!! It has basically been my go to resource my entire first year of teaching! Thank you for sharing your precious ideas!

    Also, since I have taken on teaching I have a lot less time for me so I recently invested in the It Works products and I have fallen in love with the results. So much so that I have started selling it on the side (with all my extra spare time ha!) You should look into the products! Here is a link to my website

  2. Thanks, girl!!! Love the freebies!

  3. Thanks for the freebies! I wish my administrator would have showered us with appreciation. We got a sticker! It was pretty insulting really, we're adults who pour our hearts into teaching urban high poverty kids so we don't get anything from our families. A disheartening week and hard week to follow blogs to say the least. I did spread joy and brought in treats for my fellow colleagues to say thanks you're amazing to work with

    1. Andrea, so sorry to hear that they didn't show their appreciation for you. Know that you are appreciated and that you are making a huge difference in the lives of the Littles that you teach!!



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