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Fun in New Orleans!!

I just got back from the SDE  Reading, Writing, Math & More! Conference and I had a GREAT time meeting so many wonderful teachers.  
I spent two fun filled days presenting and one day learning LOTS from my friend, Amanda Nickerson who blogs at ONE EXTRA DEGREE

Everyone at the conference was so dang sweet!  
Thank you all so much for your kind words and emails.

I feel so blessed to be able to travel around the country and meet so many outstanding educators!
Thank you all for showing up and giving me the courage and motivation to keep doing what I do.  :)

Book Talk Tuesday Better Late Than Never

OOPS!  So sorry y'all!  I am in New Orleans for a conference and all day long I kept thinking today was Monday!  Yes... with trying to pack and rush out of the house it has been one of those days.  :)


This is absolutely one of my favorite books of all time.  
I know I say that a lot but I am serious.!!
The illustrations and the rhythm and rhyme of this book make it so much fun to read and the kids HOWL with laughter.  {especially on the last page}

When I read this book to the kids I actually sing it to the tune of  Shortenin' Bread

One day my mamma caught me painting on the ceiling and the floor and I heard my mamma holler like I never did before.... YA AIN'T A GONNA PAINT NO MORE!
I ain't gonna paint no more, no more. I ain't gonna paint no more.
That's what I say but there ain't no way that I ain't gonna paint no more.

{Look at the expression on the dog's face in each of the illustrations.... HILARIOUS!}

Do you see why they howl with laughter?
If not,  look a little closer. :)

I hope to have a mini unit out for this book soon.
It is the perfect book for teaching rhyming words and so many other skills.

I know I was late but I hope you will still link up!  Next week I promise not to be late.

Working on it Wednesday!

I'm linking up with Kim and Megan from the Kindergals blog to share what I'm working on.

Next week I will be in New Orleans for the SDE's Read, Write, Math & More! Conference
conference so I'm trying to finish up my sessions and then it is VEGAS, baby!!!
I will be presenting at both ...

National Kindergarten Teachers Conference & National First Grade Teachers Conference

so I'm working on some new sessions.

I'm also working on these two new units for TPT.
The Math Workshop unit will be uploaded this evening or early tomorrow.  :)

The Super Spellers Word Work unit will be finished sometime around July 15th.  

If you're going to Vegas make sure you check out my previous post so that you can sign up for the Blogger Meet up and print your name tag.  


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