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Sight Words Working on Fluency

I've teamed up with Stephanie Stewart from Falling into First to bring you this amazing resource. 

Dolch words are some of the most frequently used words in the English language. The Dolch words comprise approximately 60-75% of what is printed in almost any piece of children’s literature. These sight word sentence fluency cards cover the words on the Pre-primer and Primer lists. 

When you present sight words in short sentences rather than in isolation children are more likely to remember them because they develop an understanding of the word’s significance and meaning. Each sight word includes a picture to help give support to those who need it.

There are 27 pages of easy to print and cut sight word cards {3 pages per list}. 
Simply print on colored cardstock, laminate, & cut! Easy, Peasy!

We have broken the words into 9 colorful lists. There are 27 pages of easy to print and cut sight word cards {3 pages per list}. 
Included in this resource are:
*Covers to add to the card rings
*27 pages of cards for a total of 162 cards
*9 sight word fluency sheets
*Sight Words Fluency Data book for students to track progress
*Two other versions of recording sheets to tract data
*Powerpoint which contains EDITABLE SHEETS so that you can make it your own.

It's on sale for 48 hours and you can view it by clicking on the cover.

The Dolch First Grade words are coming soon!!

Stephanie also has a set similar to these for Fry Words (in case you use Fry words rather than Dolch words.)  She has some great tips for how to store and use these cards.  You can read about how to use these cards HERE.

All About Fonts: A Beginner's Tutorial to Font Usage with Kimberly Geswein

Hey, y'all! I'm Kimberly from Kimberly Geswein Fonts

I've been making fonts since 2006 and have dabbled in various worlds of graphic design since my college days (that's a long time ago!) My husband teaches 5th grade in Orlando, Florida and I previously taught high school.  

I was having lunch with Deanna (yes, total name dropping, but I am real life friends with the Queen of TpT)

and we were chatting about font usage and I forced her to let me take over here at Mrs. Jump's Class and share some font tips with all of you! I hope you don't mind me barging in like this!

Fonts are amazing little creatures when treated with the respect they deserve. They can completely change the feel and personality of a document when used appropriately- or inappropriately. Responsible font usage is fundamental in any design process.

I'll be introducing you to 3 main design concepts that are important for teachers to keep in mind when creating things for students.

1. Legibility

If the whole point of making teaching products is to teach children, we need to make sure things are neat and easy for kids to read. Why make a struggling reader work harder by giving them text in a font that is difficult for even an adult to decipher?

As a general rule, using a sans serif simple font for the body text is appropriate. This example shows both a serif and a sans serif font. A serif is a little dash or line at the end of the stroke (as highlighted in yellow on the serif example.  The most widely used serif font is Times New Roman.

In contrast, a sans serif font does not have any of those little dashes or lines. It is very clean/neat/open and easy to read.  Examples include Arial, Century Gothic, and Helvetica.

Some of you might not love this idea of using only a "boring" text font like these for your documents.  I understand. But if the student is the target audience, things need to be directed to the student and be as legible as possible for them.  

Recommended legible fonts:
KG Part of Me
KG Primary Penmanship
KG Miss Kindergarten
Print Clearly
Century Gothic

Display fonts (or decorative fonts- which is primarily what I make) are meant to be accents. They are like the jewelry of your product or document. You don't wear jewelry as your shirt or pants, right? Display/decorative fonts are accents that accessorize the basic staples of your font wardrobe.  

2. Appropriateness
Some fonts are appropriate for some things. Other fonts are appropriate for other things.

We get in trouble when we mix things up and use inappropriate fonts for the occasion. Keep this in mind when creating.  Here are some examples:

This font (KG Only*Hope) is perfectly cute. However, it is totally inappropriate for a sympathy card, yes? 

We can convey a totally different meaning when we use the appropriate font.

The soft script (KG Only Human) is much more appropriate to express sympathy.

Keep this in mind when picking a font and make sure the font is appropriate for both the audience and the topic. A wild zebra font might be totally fun and cute and whimsical and you just oh-my-gosh need to use it. But maybe waiting for a safari project would be more appropriate than putting it on a fractions interactive notebook page.

3. Moderation.
A general rule of thumb is to use no more than 3 fonts in one design or page. The reason for this is that it gets extremely overwhelming to have multiple fonts for the eye to process.  

On a typical page, this might include: 
1 Display Font (decorative font for titles)
1 Subtitle Font (decorative subtitle font)
1 Sans Serif Body Font (this is for all student-read body text)

I have 3 example pages from the same unit. This unit is actually a free product in my husband's store, and if you like it, please grab it here.

The first example is the original page as he created it.

This page follows the rules mostly- the exception being that the "name" part is in a 4th unrelated font. The fonts used are: KG Second Chances Sketch, a display/decorative font for the titles; KG What the Teacher Wants, a blocky neat font for directions; and KG Lego House for the actual student text.

After looking at this page, I realized that I would actually prefer the student text to be even simpler, as in this example where I have replaced KG Lego House with KG Part of Me. It is a subtle change, but it makes it even more legible for students. I've also changed the "name" part to the same KG Part of Me font so it is more legible. This gives the whole page uniformity.

As a third example, I want to show completely crazy irresponsible font usage. This is when you forget your legibility, forget moderation, and forget appropriateness.  This page is basically unusable in a classroom- despite being the same content as the above pages.  

It's no longer attractive and it looks like a mess with no theme or consistency. It doesn't look professional.

I hope these tips are helpful!  If Deanna invites me back, I hope to share with you about how to pair fonts (i.e. what goes together- and what doesn't go together!)  


Finally, just because a font is free to download online doesn't mean it is free for commercial use.  If you are using the fonts in a product you wish to sell on TpT, be sure to check out the terms of use from the font designer.  All of mine, for example, require a one-time $5 commercial use fee.

Book Talk Tuesday: Wiggles First Day at School

Teaching little ones the rules and procedures in the classroom is sometimes a tricky process.
This books makes it much easier!  Wiggles the dog came to school but he doesn't know the rules.
Talking {barking} while the teacher is talking, not sharing and running inside are just a few of the problems that Wiggles has to work through as he learns the procedures. 

These are the procedures that are introduced in the book.

1: Back Pack placement
2: Following the Rules
3: When the Bell Rings, Freeze!
4: The Tattling Song
5: No Interrupting
6: Outside Voices, Inside Voices
7: Please and Thank You
8: Is It a Question or a Story?
9: Cover Your Mouth
10: Blow Your Nose
11: The Potty Dance
12: Potty, Potty, Flush, Flush
13: Right Hand, Left Hand
14: Red, White. and Blue
15: The Days of the Week
16: Months of the Year
17: Criss Cross. Applesauce
18: The Tracing Song
19: The Cutting Song
20: The Glue Song
21: Snap That Cap
22: Just Try Your Best
23: The Smarty Pants Dance
24: Line Up
25: I Love My Lunchbox
26: We Don’t Fight!

Add a Wiggles puppet to make it even more fun and engaging for your students.
This book is available in three formats, hard cover, on a cd, and as an instant download
I love the downloadable version because I can save it to my computer and show it on my Smartboard right away.
You can click HERE to view the book.
*NOTE: I am not receiving any type of compensation to review this book.
I just love the simplicity of it and how it helps teach the rules and procedures in a kid friendly way.
Wiggles Learns the Rules at School is another book featuring Wiggles.  You can click on the link below to view Heidi and Wiggles as they read it to her students.

What are some things that you use to teach your Littles the rules and procedures?

Sight Words Making them Stick!

Sight Words that Stick!  A year long sight word program.

This pack includes 9 Dolch lists for your kids to practice and learn.
Each one is a separate bubblegum color so as they master a list they can color in that gumball on their gumball recording sheet.  
This unit is packed!
It includes:
9 lists to send home
Flash cards for sight word rings
Practice sheets for all of the words

Assessment sheets and reward certificates to send home.
Progress sheets for tracking data.
Fluency strips to work on automaticity and fluency.

Three Sight word games
Word wall letters and word cards
and the best part?
Everything is EDITABLE!!!

 as promised the Dolch fluency phrase add on pack will be added soon.
These little sweeties are playing phrase flash in a center and they love it!

Click on the cover to check it out on TPT. 
Over 300 pages on sale for $8.00

Five Little Monkeys Units Coming Soon! Help Wanted! Win the units

  Kids love these poems and I'm so excited about these units!  
They will be finished by the end of next week and I'd love your help.
What skills are you working on and what would you like to see included?
Leave me a comment below and I will choose two winners for each unit when they are finished!
Also,  if you have a Dollar Tree near you then you might want to stop in and grab these.
It's a dusting brush and cutting boards.  
Ideas coming soon...

Hint:  Do you see a crocodile in the pic above? ;)

TPT One day Sitewide Sale & Popcorn Words unit updates!

Did y'all know that the folks at TPT decided to throw another one day sale?
I have filled my cart up with clipart!  They are the BEST!!!

BTW... I'm almost finished revising this unit so if you have it make sure you get the revised version tomorrow afternoon.
I will be revising sets 2-4 over the next few weeks.

Revisions coming soon!!

Teacher Week 2014: Who Monday

I adore my sweet grandbabies.  Madison (7), MacKenzie (5) and Carson (9 months).

I love my family and friends.  

I love that my friends are silly enough to have an Ugly Selfie contest! 
Recognize anyone?

I'm linking up with my sweet Blog Hoppin' friends for Teacher week and
I hope you'll join us!  Here's what we have planned.

{Click the picture to check out Blog Hoppin'}

Book Talk Tuesday will resume next week! 
Thanks, friends!

Lesson Plans Week One: Peek at My Week

I'm linking up with my sweet friend, Deedee Wills to share my lesson plans.
PLEASE NOTE:  I don't put brain breaks and music and movement in my lesson plans because there isn't room.  However,  we stop and take a brain break about every 25 minutes.
Kids NEED to move and it is so important to make sure that you are giving them opportunities to do so.
You can click on the picture above to download my plans.
Anything in blue is hyperlinked to the resource it belongs to on TPT.  

The plans for the first few weeks are always different than they are for the rest of the year.
For example,  during Reader's Workshop we don't normally do crafts and such.  However, the kids won't have very much reading stamina yet so we don't spend as much time reading as they will later in the year.
Often times a lesson won't take as long as I'd planned.  We fill our spare minutes with read alouds and brain breaks.  

Here are a few pics from previous posts to show you what some of these things look like.

Get on the Bus math station game.

Five frame pick up math station game.

Have a great week!


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