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Sight Words Making them Stick!

Sight Words that Stick!  A year long sight word program.

This pack includes 9 Dolch lists for your kids to practice and learn.
Each one is a separate bubblegum color so as they master a list they can color in that gumball on their gumball recording sheet.  
This unit is packed!
It includes:
9 lists to send home
Flash cards for sight word rings
Practice sheets for all of the words

Assessment sheets and reward certificates to send home.
Progress sheets for tracking data.
Fluency strips to work on automaticity and fluency.

Three Sight word games
Word wall letters and word cards
and the best part?
Everything is EDITABLE!!!

 as promised the Dolch fluency phrase add on pack will be added soon.
These little sweeties are playing phrase flash in a center and they love it!

Click on the cover to check it out on TPT. 
Over 300 pages on sale for $8.00


  1. TPT has it listed for $10. Should it be $8 or $10?

    1. I'm not sure where you see $10. It is $12. regular price but it's on sale for $8

  2. This is going to be awesome for my class! Made my purchase last night.

  3. This if more a whole class question but how many notebooks do your students use in class? I saw you do one for guided reading, do they have a math or writing journal?

    1. Hi Elizabeth, We have three notebooks. One for Guided Reading, one for our Interactive Reading Notebook and one that's our "Thinking and Learning Notebook" It's a composition notebook that's sectioned off. The sections are: Poetry, Math, & Science.

  4. How is this is different than your "Popcorn Words" product on TPT that I've already purchased?

    1. Daniella, This one is just a bubblegum theme and has 9 word lists for the kids to master rather than sending words home each week. The one you already have works just as well and it has a lot more student activities than this one does. I just like to change things up because I get bored if I do the same thing year after year. :)

  5. Deanna, Do you plan on creating this unit with the second and third grade words? I love your ideas, but my little love bugs need harder words.

  6. I purchased sight words that stick and used them last year in my classroom. They worked great! I had to edit a few lists to include number words 1-10 and color words. What font was used for the word wall cards?



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