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Teacher Week 2014: Who Monday

I adore my sweet grandbabies.  Madison (7), MacKenzie (5) and Carson (9 months).

I love my family and friends.  

I love that my friends are silly enough to have an Ugly Selfie contest! 
Recognize anyone?

I'm linking up with my sweet Blog Hoppin' friends for Teacher week and
I hope you'll join us!  Here's what we have planned.

{Click the picture to check out Blog Hoppin'}

Book Talk Tuesday will resume next week! 
Thanks, friends!


  1. I am sure you hear this all the time, but I would have never guessed that you have grandbabies! You look so young! Had a blast learning about you - love your blog and all your products :)

    Paiges of Learning

  2. You must have a secret fountain of youth because you don't look close to having grandchildren. :) Chuy's is hands down the best!
    Teaching, Love, Cupcakes

  3. Hey! I thought your favourite drink was Coke from Sonic???

  4. Deanna, the original Chuy's is here in Austin! So good! Sandy



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