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Book Talk Tuesday: How to Teach a Slug to Read

In this adorable book by Susan Pearson a little boy explains to Mama Slug how to teach her Little Slug to read.  Here are a few of his reading rules:

1.  Attach labels to Little Slug's favorite things.

2. Read out loud to him.

3. Point out words that repeat.

4. Sound out words.
5.  Make a vocabulary list.
6.  Be Patient!

This book puts the task of learning how to read into concrete steps.
It is the perfect book for a back to school literacy night.

If you have a book to share please consider leaving a comment below or linking up!


  1. Thank you for the book suggestion - my students would crack up! Did I mention one of my GR groups is ALL boys? :) Thanks for the weekly linky! Jen



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