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Book Talk Tuesday: Nonfiction books and Jack Hartmann!!!

Before we get to Book Talk Tuesday I have some EXCITING news.  Jack Hartmann has been working with me to create songs and videos for some of my units.  How cool is that?
We just added his new Frog Life Cycle video to my Frog unit.  So if you are one of the sweet people who have already purchased the unit head on over and download the video that goes with it.  It shows actual real life footage of a frog's life cycle. You can click on the cover below to check it out.

He is working on songs for my upcoming units; Five Little Monkeys and The Lady with the Alligator Purse.  So.Excited!!!
A huge thank you to Mel from Graphics from the Pond for the graphic of Jack and I.

Okay, so on with Book Talk Tuesday.  

50% of what we read in our classroom should be nonfiction.  
Therefore, it's important for us to find books that are at the appropriate level and will hold the interest of kinder & first grade students.  I love all of the nonfiction books by Pebble Plus because they have great pictures, just a few sentences on each page, and even you reluctant readers will love "reading" the books by using their schema and the pictures in the book.

Whenever I start a new unit I always do a schema chart with the kids BEFORE we read because I want to know what they already know about a topic.  Here's the schema chart we created about frogs before we read the book.

Note:  I do my frog unit in the spring.  :)  
If you need some great nonfiction books for Fall check out the following books by Pebble Plus.

Thanks so much for stopping by!  If you have a great book you'd like to share please considering linking up!
If you don't have a blog you can still share by using the comment section below.
Have a great four day week!!


  1. I love the idea of adding music to your units! Love Jack Hartman! My link this week actually includes one of his videos from You Tube.

    The Math Maniac

  2. Oh my gosh... that is very cool about Jack Hartmann! What a fun project for you both.

  3. What fun ideas! I always liked doing charts like that with my kids too!

  4. Love the song, great addition to the unit

  5. Love Jack Hartmann! He has been performing at our school for about 5 years (and we saw him at Bob Carr before that). Looking forward to seeing what's to come. How exciting!

  6. I already had the unit so thank you for the video and song! :)

  7. Jack Hartmann has always been a favorite! How exciting for you!!!! You are so inspirational. I am no longer teaching, but I still follow you because you are amazing!

  8. What fun it must be to be working with Jack Hartmann! Such a great new way of learning for the children working with your resources!

  9. I am so excited about you teaming up with Jack Hartmann on some of your units! I have enjoyed using many of your units. My students love Jack Hartmann so I am very excited! I can't wait to use your frog unit in the Spring! Thank you for sharing about Pebble Plus for non-fiction books. It has been a struggle for my team and I to find great non-fiction books. I can't wait to look into these books. An author I enjoyed using was Lloyd G. Douglas. I used many of his books last year in an American symbol unit.

  10. Cool Song! It's really fun.

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