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Batty Over Bats!

Happy Monday Y'all!  This is a throwback post about another unit that I LOVE to teach during the month of October.  BATS!!  Oh, my word!  I absolutely love bats.
Okay.  I'll admit that I wouldn't really want to meet one up close and personal but they are fascinating and little ones love learning all about them.
If you already have my bat unit you'll want to head on over to TPT and download the updates that I just added to the unit.  The link is at the end of this post.

We always start our nonfiction units with a schema chart.  This is a great way to activate their background knowledge and find out what they THINK they already know.
Everyone's thinking is valued.  As we read nonfiction books and learn about bats we add our new learning to the chart and IF we find out that their schema doesn't fit then we move it to the misconceptions box.

I always teach about owls the week before we learn about bats so this is the perfect time to compare and contrast the two animals.
I just added the pieces for the venn diagram to the unit.

Out bat books.  The kids love recording all of the cool facts they've learned in their very own book that they can take home and share.

Their is a link in the unit for a super easy echolocation experiment.

This song is one of my favorites!  But I have to warn you it is one of those songs that gets stuck in your head. FOR.DAYS.  


  1. I love it!! I actually started teaching it today!!!! Love, love your lessons!!! I need to download the updated version....what's new?

    1. I added the bat and owl phrases for the venn diagram and updated the clipart on some of the games. :)



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