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Book Talk Tuesday: Silly Tilly

"Tilly was a silly goose," starts this adorable book by Eileen Spinelli. This book takes us on an adventure and shares with us the many silly things that Silly Tilly does.  She likes to kiss fish, take baths in apple juice, comb her feathers with a rake, annoying the rest of the barnyard with her wild antics.  When she sits on Rooster's birthday cake it's the last straw. The other animals tell her that she must stop all her nonsense and behave like everyone else. Sadly, she complies with their demands and the group soon realize that her behavior is what made living on the farm so much fun. "Hetta Hen remarked, I haven't laughed since-when? - since Tilly chased the garbageman!"

Realizing they were wrong to make Tilly try and be just like them, all the animals apologize. Tilly resumes her harmless pranks, and once again entertains the entire barnyard with her shenanigans.

This is a great book for helping children understand that it's okay to be different and that you shouldn't try to change just to fit in.  A great story of friendship and accepting each other's differences.

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