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Let's Talk Turkey Glyphs!

So what is a glyph anyway?
The term "glyph" comes from the Ancient Egyptian times when they used pictures in order to tell a story.
When I create a glyph I start with three (and only three) questions.
You want to stick to three questions so that it won't be overwhelming for the little ones when you try to analyze the glyphs and create data charts.

Each answer can be determined by looking at a child's turkey.
For example,  If I look at the turkeys above me I can see that three of the children are staying home for Thanksgiving and two of them are going out of town.
I can tell this because of the way they made their legs.

I also love to integrate language arts by having them complete a glyph book that they can read and share with their family.  These turkeys make adorable shelf sitters or centerpieces on their Thanksgiving table.

They also look cute if you forego the paper bag and just make them flat.
My friend Deedee Wills saw these in the hallway at her school and snapped a picture for me.
Thanks, Deedee!

The one below is my fave!! So much character!!

After your sweeties have assembled their turkeys make sure that you take that next step and analyze and record the data.  This is a great way to do math that is authentic and meaningful!
It's math about them!  

These are included in my Thanksgiving unit that has been completely revised!
This unit is packed full of enough stuff to get you through the month of November.
You can check them out by clicking on the cover below.


  1. I love your pic included with your blog! Adorable!!!

  2. I really like the addition of the glyph book! Another great idea.

  3. I have been trying to figure out what a glyph is. Got it!




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