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Guiding Readers January: Getting it ORGANIZED!

Hey There!  Happy Hump day! We've had a few questions about how we organize our new 
Guiding Readers units so I thought I'd do a quick blog post to show you!

These are the supplies I used to organize mine.
I used a 1" binder
sheet protectors
Binder pocket (one pocket holds all four books)
ziploc baggies
Clear packing tape
Printables for the spine and fronts of sheet protectors click HERE to get yours.

First, I put our cutie patootie cover (thanks to Graphics From the Pond for our custom graphics)
in the binder and added the label to the spine.

I put the anchor charts that will be used throughout the unit in the front pocket until I need them.
Inside the binder pouch are all 4 books for the unit.
Two of my books are hardcover and they all still fit.  YAY!

Next, Hole punch all of the pages for the unit and added them to the binder.
(NOTE:  I saved a step by running the pages on hole punched paper)

This unit is organized into 4 weeks worth of lessons. 
So to divide the weeks up I used sheet protectors.
Inside the sheet protector are all of the retelling pieces, phonics charts and misc. items
 that I need for that weeks lessons.
I used clear tape to add the graphic with the title of the book to the front of the protector.

We are so excited about these units and we can tell by the feedback that others are too!
We just got started working on the February units and we can't wait to share them with you.

If you haven't checked out these units yet you can click on the image below!


  1. How fun to have your own graphics :)
    Thanks for all the organizing tips - I ♥ binders! I really need to do books are literally stacked with papers tucked inside (& getting wrinkled) #fail
    Thanks again, Jen

  2. Yes, thanks for the great organizing tips! Didn't even think about adding all 4 books in a binder pouch with the lesson and pieces. Great idea! We began day 1 of the snowy day today. The kids did a great job doing the interactive writing with me and visualizing in their journals. Can't wait to do day 2 tomorrow. I have the BME flower chart laminated and ready to go for sequencing. Thanks again for planning these great lessons!

  3. Oh my goodness! You are so neat and organized! I love it! :)


  4. I LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. this resource!!! It is organized so well... and is right on target with all of our academic standards! This will be a staple in my planning resources. I own this.... and I HIGHLY recommend it! So thankful for awesome resources like this one!!!

  5. Ok - this is beyond great! How would you like to make a trip to Illinois and help me organize my classroom? That would be beyond great too!! If I could just fine another 8 hours in a day, I'd be in business. :)

  6. Hello Deanna! Where did you get the penguin clipart? Thanks!
    Angelica Sandoval

  7. I purchased your product and started this week. I started with Snowmen At Night because our theme this week is snowmen. I LOVE it! My students were so excited that they could read all of those -old words. What an awesome product. Keep them coming please :-)

  8. You ladies are awesome! Thank you so much for all your hard hard work!

  9. Love the binder pouch idea. How exactly do you have the retelling chart up? I was thinking either a pocket chart or velcro. It's hard to tell from the picture.

  10. Hi Deanna,
    Thank you for your organisational tip. A little sharing always goes a long way. Do you store your Math stations units in a similar way or do you have another effective method?

  11. I LOVE this pack!!!! We have just finished THE SNOWY DAY lessons (and it had snowed here in CO--big surprise!). My students were sooooo engaged and we applied the information when we went outside (or inside, with our snowballs). Thank you for such a great resource----I can't wait to start SNOWMEN AY NIGHT on Monday! One problem, however: I tried to get the organizational tools from your site, and it doesn't come up. Is it free? Available on TpT? Could they be included in each unit---so I could start off organized? Thank you, and I'm looking forward to getting your February unit!
    Lisa F. Barker
    Aurora, CO

  12. You are an organization queen, thank you for sharing!! Binders are the best, it is impossible to have too many for a neat classroom :-)

  13. Thank you for this post. I've organized my math workshops in a similar way and was wondering if you would consider making similar spin labels for them? Thank you.

  14. Hi! I love this pack! I will be using this pack starting this fall. I've organized all the units, except for the books. I've searched online for the binder pockets. I can't seem to find the ones you used in your binders. Would you share where you got your binder pockets and what is the actual brand name/name of the binder pockets? THANKS SO MUCH!!! :)



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