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March Guiding Readers Posted and ON SALE!

Guiding Readers for March has been posted and it's on sale.
Scroll down for the links to the books that were used in this unit.

Click on the cover to order or read about the books.
NOTE:  I'm also including the links for the books that are available as online read alouds.
However, you will also want to purchase the books so that you can refer to specific pages and illustrations as noted in the lesson plans.

The Three Billy Goats Fluff

There are two versions of Jamie O'Rourke available 

We wrote an Informational Text piece about Koalas to pair with this book.  The Informational Text is included in the unit.

The Easter Bunny's Assistant

We wrote an Informational Text piece about skunks to pair with this book.  The Informational Text is included in the unit.

Happy Reading Y'all! 


  1. Oh my goodness...the books you featured! So excited, thank you! Jen

  2. So pumped!! And to get some new read alouds that I am not familiar with is great!!

  3. Hi. I'm wondering if you have anything like this geared for second grade. I'm also needing something to "spice up" small groups. Thanks!

  4. Can I use this with another reading program? We use Scott Foresman but I really want to try this in my room.

  5. I have been using these in my 5K class since January!!! I cannot tell you how much I love them!! My children are so engaged and their writing skills have sky rocketed!!! So much more learning on their part and so much less planning on my part!! That's a win win!! I anxiously await each new month. I am wondering about the units for the beginning of the year when my children have so much less school experience. Will those units look different or will I just have lower expectations for the writing responses? Thanks so much for all your hard work!



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