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Sentence Detectives: No Prep Reading and Sight word fun FREEBIE!

Each page offers lots of letter sound fluency practice, sight word practice,
practice reading simple sentences,  handwriting, correct sentence formation (capitals, spaces, punctuation),  illustrating a sentence.

These are on sale until midnight tonight.
Here's a list of the sentences that are included.

I made an extra free one so that you could try it out with your littles!
Click on the picture to download.

Worksheets Don't Grow Dendrites: Strategy 7

Hi Y'all!  I'm back to talk with you about Strategy 7: Manipulatives, Experiments, Labs & Models.
Even though this section of the book was only four pages long, I want to make sure that I cover everything so I've broken my blog post into two sections; Math & Science.

I'm not sure if you've noticed but a lot of the math programs that our schools give us to use don't provide a lot of opportunities for the students to spend a great deal of time working at the concrete level by using manipulatives.  Most of the lessons just jump right into paper/pencil tasks.  
If we want our students to be able to dig deep and understand the math concepts we're teaching we MUST give them the opportunities to work with manipulatives.   
"Student's understandings of mathematical ideas is broadened when concrete representations are used.  (Coggins, Kravin, Coates & Carrol, 2007)

Dog Gone Subtraction Game
Students use bones to solve subtraction problems.  

Ten frame math using candies.

Making sets and writing the corresponding number

Comparing two numbers by building towers

Making sums of ten

Science Experiments & Models

Sailing Ships Science Experiment
First we wanted to find out what would happen if we dropped a ball of clay in water.
After we found out that it sank I challenged them to build a boat that could float.
I didn't give them any directions other than that.
The kids each had their own ball of clay and there was a small tub of water for every two or three students to share.  They kept trying out their boats until they made one that could float.
After we were finished we talked about what we found out.
We found out that the student's boats that had higher sides and a hollowed out shell  floated better.  
So we added what we learned to our chart.  

What colors make up the color black?
Record everyone's hypothesis and then conduct the experiment.
Use a Crayola marker to make a black dot on a coffee filter or a strip of paper towel.
let it absorb some water and then watch the bands of color separate.
What do you notice?

Trusty Troll Construction Company
Building Bridges

After reading, The Three Billy Goats Gruff we went online and studied bridges.
What did we notice? Are there any shapes that you see that are consistent?
Can you build a bridge?

Followed by How To Writing

Owl pellet dissection
After learning all about owls we dissected owl pellets.
The students first talked about the different types of animal remains we might find in the pellets.
After dissecting the pellets the students were able to identify the different types of bones on the bone chart.  Then, they were able to identify the owl's prey.

"When learning is active and hands-on, the formation of neural connections is facilitated and information is much more readily remembered than information learned from an abstract viewpoint, where the teacher is doing the work while the students watch."  (Gregory & Parry, 2006)

The person doing the work is the person that's doing the learning!

Check out the schedule for the rest of the book study!
The First Grade Parade  Chapter 8 (March 31st)
In April, you will be visiting these girls for the remainder of the study:
Mrs. Ehle’s Kindergarten Chapter 9 &10 (April 4th)
What The Teacher Wants Chapter 11 (April 7th)
First Grader At Last Chapter 12 (April 11th)
Erica’s Ed Ventures  Chapter 13 (April 14th)
KinderGals Chapter 14 &15 (April 18th)
A Rocky Top Teacher Chapter 16 (April 21st)
The Inspired Apple Chapter 17 (April 25th)
Little Warriors Chapter 18 (April 28th)
Falling Into First Chapter 19 (May 2nd)
Kickin’ it in Kindergarten Chapter 20 (May 5th)

So what's your big take away?  What are some things that you are already doing?
Things you'd like to try?  Link up or comment below!

Busy Bunnies Directed Drawing and Writing FREEBIE

Shoo!!!  Please forgive me for not blogging in awhile.  I know that I'm supposed to be smack dab in the middle of a book study but my life has been CUH-RAZY the last few weeks.  I promise to catch up on all of the chapters that I've missed soon!  (pinkie promise!)  As a peace offering I made a quick Directed Drawing/Writing activity and I wanted to share it with you.  I had a chance to try out the Directed drawing with my friend's class and they turned out ADORABLE!!!

  I really like to incorporate writing with my art projects and I wanted to come up with an activity that didn't include Easter.  Busy Bunny is a great way to incorporate list writing with OPINION writing.  Have your students brainstorm and write a list of things they like to do and then choose their favorite one to write and draw about.  Remind them to tell WHY that activity is their favorite.

Click on the image below to download the directions and the writing template.

I hope your Busy Bunnies enjoy them!

Here are a few more posts with directed drawings:


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