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Guiding Readers, Curriculum Maps and FREE five-day lesson plan

We have a whole series of Guiding Readers units out.  The units cover phonemic awareness, phonics, and Comprehension skills.  Here are a few pictures that Stephanie Stewart shared with me from the April unit.

Sequencing the picture cards for the story, Piggie Pie.
Checking her notebook with the class chart to see if her pictures are in the correct order.

Writing about their favorite part of the story.

The writing activities are available in regular paper format and Flip Flap format for those who choose to put the pages in a journal.  

This little sweetie sequenced the story in his reading journal.

These lessons focus on one read aloud book for five days, so that you can really dig deep and work on a variety of comprehension skills.  This is what our five-day plan for Piggie Pie looks like.

Our systematic word work makes it easy for even the littlest learners to tackle and learn some of the higher level phonics chunks that they will encounter in the texts they read.  We've included large pocket chart pieces for many of the word work components so that there is flexibility in how it is introduced and taught.

You can break up the components and do them at various times of the day.
For example, the word work portion could be done in the morning or as a warm up in your Guided Reading groups.

Lesson Planning is a snap and if you're out sick a sub can easily follow these plans.  

Click on the cover below to view the May unit and read the feedback.
So far, we have the units completed for January -May.
June-December will be finished soon!

If you're curious about the year long word work and list of books we will be using in the units, you can check out our FREE Curriculum maps by clicking on the images below.

Click HERE to download the five day lesson plan.  


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    1. Thank you for the fab share! I may be missing it but, where is the link to get the FREE 5 day plans? :)

    2. OOPS! I forgot to add the download link. So sorry about that! You will find it at the bottom of the post. :)



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