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FREE Spine Labels for Binders: Getting Organized!

This is a throwback post that I did awhile back about getting our Guiding Readers units organized.  Since this post, I've had quite a few requests to make matching spine labels for the Writing and Math units.  So HERE YOU GO!  Sorry, it took me so long!  You can click HERE to download the labels.

We also have a Free Year-Long Curriculum Map for Kindergarten and First Grade.
You can download it from TPT by clicking on the images.

If you want to read the throw back post carry on! If not, Happy Organizing.  :)

Hey There!  Happy Hump day! We've had a few questions about how we organize our new 
Guiding Readers units so I thought I'd do a quick blog post to show you!

These are the supplies I used to organize mine.
I used a 1" binder
sheet protectors
Binder pocket (one pocket holds all four books)
Ziploc baggies
Clear packing tape
Printables for the spine and fronts of sheet protectors click HERE to get yours.

First, I put our cutie patootie cover (thanks to Graphics From the Pond for our custom graphics)
in the binder and added the label to the spine.

I put the anchor charts that will be used throughout the unit in the front pocket until I need them.
Inside the binder pouch are all four books for the unit.
Two of my books are hardcover and they all still fit.  YAY!

Next, Hole punch all of the pages for the unit and added them to the binder.
(NOTE:  I saved a step by running the pages on hole punched paper)

This unit is organized into 4 weeks worth of lessons. 
So to divide the weeks up I used sheet protectors.
Inside the sheet protector are all of the retelling pieces, phonics charts and misc. items
 that I need for that week's lessons.
I used clear tape to add the graphic with the title of the book to the front of the protector.

We are so excited about these units, and we can tell by the feedback that others are too!


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. I love these units! I was wondering if you have spine labels for your math units?

    1. If you look towards the top of the post there is a link to get the spine labels for the other subject areas. Thanks so much!

  3. Love the organization! Such great ideas. I especially like the idea of taping the graphic and book title to the front of the page protector. I will definitely be using that. Thanks for sharing!

    Real Life in First Grade

  4. I am looking for those binder pouches. Could you put a link to those or post the item number?



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