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The Snowy Day: Pictures from You! and a FREEBIE

I don't know about you, but I love looking at pictures.  Pictures capture moments in time and help us remember life events.  I love these pictures of my sweet friends and family.

I also love seeing pictures of student work.  There is nothing more gratifying than seeing our units being used in classrooms all over the world.  
Thank you to all of you who have shared your photos with me by tagging me on Instagram.
I've shared a few of the most recent ones here.  

Retelling the Snowy Day photo courtesy of apinchofkinder

Using the retelling pieces in the book center and checking the text to see if they are accurate.
photo courtesy of runteachlove

 Visualizing Peter making a snowman and snow angels.  
photo courtesy of thekindergarden

Making connections to the story.
photo courtesy of bmfar

Opinion Writing 
photo courtesy of tuesdayswithjacob

Inferring: What do you think happened to Peter's snowball?
student writing:  Oh, no! I think it melted because it was in his pocket.
photo courtesy of averycuriousclass

We've started adding craft lessons to all of the units, and this one is one of my favorites!
Snowy Day craft selfies! These look great displayed with their snowy day connections.
photo courtesy of missjillybeanz

A sweet blog reader sent these pictures to me to show how she shrunk the craft patterns down and turned them into book covers.  She stapled them to the front of all of their reading response pages to make a Snowy Day book.  LOVE it!!
photo courtesy of  Denise M. 

In these units each week we cover a variety of comprehension skills.
Here's a freebie to go with the book, The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats
You can click on the unit cover to download the freebie.
Notice that there are three different options.
Use the one that works best for you and your students.

Click on the cover to download the freebie.

These units are packed full of ELA learning fun!

If you want to view the January unit, click HERE

Tag! You're it!!
If you are using a product of mine in your classroom, I would love to see your photos!   You can tag me on Instagram or email them to me at
Have a great week!!
P.S. Thank you to my sweet friend, Deedee Wills for coming up with this idea and making me this adorable button!  Love you, Deedee!


  1. I love looking through these pictures TOO!!!

  2. This is great I love the rebelling organizer.

  3. So creative! What a great way for students to enjoy literacy!

  4. I've only bought one of your reading units so far but I love it! So much information!!

  5. Thank you so much! This is one of my favorite stories! I'm hoping for snow to come across the mountain any minute now!

  6. I love this story and read it every year!

  7. Thank you for sharing your great ideas!

  8. Hi Deanna! I attended a workshop of yours at a conference in Chicago last year and was super excited to see your blog through the ESGI link! Sometimes you get super overwhelmed when you leave a conference and don't get a chance to go to all the links you pick up. I am so excited to find your blog - I love the ideas and graphic organizers you have created! They are rigorous while being appropriate for beginning readers and writers!

  9. Love the Snowy Day, Tacky and Ice Bear Products!

  10. Your Guided Readers lessons are amazing!! If there is someone who has not purchased it! :) They are thorough, follow CCSS, and are fun! I love seeing the progress in my Kinders over the year. Thank you!!

  11. I was excited to see your blog as a part of the ESGI giveaway. I'm registering to attend one of your sessions at a conference coming up in March!

  12. This is a great way to implement more art based activities into a lesson, which is so much more appropriate for young children in order to develop and increase there comprehension levels. Thanks for sharing

  13. I really enjoyed seeing the pictures of your guiding kinders January unit in action. It has inspired me to want to purchase the units to use in my kinder class!

  14. I love your Guiding Readers packs. I wish I could use them instead of my reading curriculum, but instead I squeeze them in whenever I can. The crafts look amazing, definitely will have to find more time for Guiding Readers!



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