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Writer's Workshop: Writing Through the Year FREEBIE

 Sometimes it can be a challenge to organize your curriculum in a way that is easy to use.
Deedee Wills and I have been working on reorganizing and updating our writing workshop units.

 I prefer to keep my units in these 2" binders.  You can find the spine labels HERE.

 I will walk you through a unit to show you how it's organized.

Each unit starts with a unit overview.

 You can also easily see the standards that are addressed in the unit.

 A writing continuum is provided so you can see where your students fall in their writing development.  This is especially helpful during writing conferences and when you are working on setting writing goals.

 Each unit contains an updated rubric specific to that unit of study.  
There is one for emergent writers (kindergarten).

And another one for early writers (1st Grade).

You can also create a classroom chart so student-lead goals can be selected.  These goals are aligned to the rubric.

 Each day contains a scripted lesson plan that is very easy to implement.

 Kid-friendly anchor charts are easy to use... just print and teach!

Conferring helpful hints are also included.

At the close of each unit, I would collect the writing samples from the students and we would create a unit book.   I would retain one writing piece for their writing portfolio and the rest would be sent home.   A unit specific parent letter explains what lessons were taught during the month.  
My student's parents loved it!

This is what the cover of our book looked like. There are several grade level options for the cover as well as a black and white version of each.

Each unit has a wide range of paper options.

 And resources to help support the writer.

Mentor texts can be added to each binder.  Then when it is time to teach that unit, all of the resources are at your fingertips!

Some books (like How To Draw books) are used through out the year.  So I created a special bin just for them.

I love watching the growth of young writers.  When students are given the freedom to select their own topic,  magical things can happen.  This piece was done during our informational text unit and it me smile.

Princesses live in a castle.  Princess wear dresses.

A princess rides in a carriage.  And they go to a ball.

The princess is looking for a prince.   HA!

I am a princess too!
You can grab the Mentor Text List by clicking HERE or on the picture below.

We just finished updating Unit 7 and it will be uploaded to TPT on Saturday, 1/23.
Unit 8 will be updated next!  

By April 1st,  we will be adding an additional unit.  It will focus entirely on opinion writing!  If you already have the bundle you will be able to get the additional unit at no additional charge.  

So get the bundle now while it is at its lowest price!


  1. Do you or your colleagues have a similar program for 5th grade?

    1. Yes, anything for 4th and 5th grade?

  2. Do you have a binder spine label for the opinions unit?

  3. Do you know if this would work for grade 3 or could you recommend a similar program for grade 3? This looks amazing!!



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