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Guiding Reading Planning & Instruction

In my classroom, I used a combination of whole group instruction (close reading, shared reading) and guided reading to teach reading.  With whole group instruction you focus your teaching towards the ability of your more proficient students' ability.  Then you scaffold and support those students who need it.

However, guided reading allows you to tailor your instruction to fit the needs of each individual student.  You bring your reading lessons to THEIR instructional level.  This is just another piece of the "learning to read" puzzle.  Guided reading is done in a small group with 4-6 students.   
You can find these pages in my Guided Reading 101 unit.

Even the simplest of texts require thoughtful planning.
 Then I use these lessons to plan my next steps with that group.

Running records are also important to document the reading.  Running records provide a reading diagnostic tool and helps you recall the strategies you observed and the teaching that took place during that lesson. This is an important step in reaching the needs of your learners.  You wouldn't want to see a medical doctor who does not take clinical notes!
  I keep my guiding reading lessons in a binder.  I place the running records under the tab for that group.

I am happy to announce that Deedee Wills and I have teamed up again!  This time we are creating leveled texts.  

These have been written with the Fountas and Pinnell text structure guidelines in mind.
Here is just a sample of what you will get with the Guided Reading Level A set.

We have also created a 2-Day guided reading lesson plan for you that covers: high-frequency word work, sentence work and dictation, and phonics work.
They also include a running record.

You can keep your sentence dictation and word work in a notebook.
Or you can work with blank pages. 
 Here is the table of contents for Guided Reading Level A

FAQ:   Are you going to bundle these leveled readers?
We will not bundle them at this time, perhaps once we have the entire series complete.  

Let me tell you why... we have not completely decided how high we will go with the text levels.  We KNOW we will write them until we get to level G, but we may go as high as level J.

Don't fret... here is what we will do.   Each set that comes out will be discounted by 25% for the first 7 days.  This will EXCEED any discount the  bundle would have offered you.  The price on Level A will go up tomorrow (since it has been out for 6 days already.)

Have a fabulous day!


  1. Wow! This product looks great! I can't wait to add it to my cart, it's always wonderful to have extra leveled guided reading resources. Thank you for all of your hard work!



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  3. I am so happy I purchased your level units! Do you laminate the books you create?



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