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Be a Guided Reading Expert! (FREE Download too!)

Are you wanting to master guided reading, but feel a wee bit overwhelmed?  I get it!  Guided Reading is just one more thing you have on your plate.. or do you?  Are you currently conducting guided reading lessons in your classroom?  I am sometimes surprised to hear that some emergent classrooms do not.  Don't worry... we've got this!

Guided Reading in Kindergarten

What is Guided Reading?

Let's start with the various balanced literacy approaches.


Read-alouds are when the teacher does the reading work and the students do the thinking work.  This is done as part of a whole group instructional time.   The text that is selected is above the students' reading level.  This is an opportunity to work on reading comprehension skills.  The teacher models fluent reading and guides the students towards a deeper understanding of the text.  We use our Close Reading/Guiding Readers units for read-aloud instruction.

Shared Reading

This is also done as a whole group activity.  The text is usually selected on grade level, but can also be slightly above grade level.  The teacher and the students read the text together.   This is an opportunity to work on early reading skills and comprehension.

Guided Reading

Yay!   We made it to guided reading.  Guided reading is done as part of a small group (4-6 students). The text is selected based on the students' instructional reading level.   The students read the book independently while the teacher supports the students and coaches them towards success.   This is where true differentiation takes place!

How do I know what their instructional level is?

Students' instructional level is determined by a few things.  We start the year off by looking at what the students know.  If they do not know any sounds or have little understanding of print, an AA level text is perfect for them.

As the year progresses, we use running records to help focus our instruction.
Guided Reading in Kindergarten

Organizing for Guided Reading

I like to keep my sets in binders by level.
Guided Reading in Kindergarten
Inside I have all the materials I am going to need to use.  
Guided Reading in Kindergarten
Sound boxes are a great way to segment words.
Guided Reading in Kindergarten
Students then can transfer this skill to sounds when they are ready.
I also keep all of the sorting activities in the binder.  When they are at your fingertips, you are ready to teach in a flash! 
Guided Reading in Kindergarten
I also keep all of the books in the binder.
Guided Reading in Kindergarten
And the lesson plans that are needed to teach the lesson.  Click HERE to find the FREE lesson plan template.   This is Day 1 with a book.
Guided Reading in Kindergarten
Here is Day 2.  I use the same book over two instructional days.
Guided Reading in Kindergarten

What else goes in these binders?

All of the books!!!!
Guided Reading in Kindergarten
 Each binder has 3 fiction and 3 informational texts.
Guided Reading in Kindergarten

Guided Reading in Kindergarten
We also keep the writing we do at our small group table in this binder.
Guided Reading in Kindergarten
You can read more about the 2 Day Guided Reading Plan over on Deedee's blog by clicking HERE.  It also includes a free webinar.  See!   You are practically an expert already!

You can see all of our Leveled Text sets HERE and HERE

Guided Reading in Kindergarten.  Lesson plans, word work, running records, books and MORE!

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  1. Hi Deedee, I am looking for the video about organizing the guided reading binders. Would you please let me know where to find it. Thanks, Francine



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