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Dinosaurs! with a FREE file

Rawr!!!! It's a dinosaur!  Nothing gets little ones excited quite like a unit on dinosaurs.
We studied dinosaurs for two weeks and then we flipped the classroom for our DINO DIG DAY!  
Our students rotated through 5 stations and got to see what it was like to be a paleontologist.

To build excitement before we started the unit I brought in this huge egg and told the students that my dog found it in our backyard.  We talked about the size and appearance of the egg and I had them make inferences about what they thought was inside it.  

You can see some of their thinking below.
After they recorded their inference I gave them three clues about what was inside the egg and had them write their new inference.  We tied this to reading.  As we learn more about a topic or character our inference can change.  



After recess we came back to THIS!  RAWR!!!!!! 
This is how they learned that our next unit of study was going to be dinosaurs.
They were twelve kinds of excited.  NOTE: Do this part at the end of the day because it's really hard to bring them down from the excitement.  

On the first day of our dinosaur study we started with our schema and recorded the information we already know about dinosaurs.  Throughout the study we added our new learning to the chart.

Following are a few of the activities that we did during our dinosaur study.



This unit is packed full of close reading articles about dinosaurs, comprehension activities, craft projects and 5 dinosaur stations with all of the directions and printables for Dino Dig Day! 
You can check out the unit by clicking on the cover below.



  1. I love seeing how the younger grades engage. I can imagine the noise and excitement! Where'd you get this cute paleontologist hats? For my sixth graders, it's all about mummies, and today we mummify Cornish game hens. They've been waiting ALL YEAR LONG. Thanks for sharing your inspiration.

    1. Marcy, That sounds like such a neat activity!! The paleontologist hats are from Oriental Trading. :)

  2. Hello, again, I just went to Amazon and found 48" balloons, are these what you used? Rita :- )

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